Saturday, June 23, 2007

<3 knitting

So... I keep going back and forth between knitting and jewelry making related activities these last few days. I'm just so excited that I've finally graduated, have my degree, and can get back to spending some time on creative pursuits instead of endless research and the writing of papers. Although I'm odd in the respect that I actually enjoy most of my school work and will probably miss it before long. However, for now I am basking in the glory of unlimited time to be creative. Yes!

I set two tasks for myself after graduation. 1) stock up on all my jewelry supplies, build some inventory, and get a web site up and running (you can see it at, & 2) get down to the business of knitting something. I wanted this "something" to be for me (most of my knitting isn't) and I wanted to to be challenging. I also had this hope that perhaps I could make this whatever-it-was out of stash yarn. That would be cool, right?

Since I decided the jewelry bit would be the harder task I set about that first. New designs have indeed arrived and the Web site is slowly but surely coming together. It still needs a lot of work, which at this point means waiting for servers to process my requests and so forth. In the meantime I embarked on my knitting goal. The project I settled on actually fulfills all of my hopes. I selected the cabled cardigan from Vogue Knitting's "knit.1" magazine of spring 2007. As it happens I had just the right yarn in my stash to complete the project. As of tonight I have successfully completed the back of my first cabled project. So happy! :) Now.... I just hope the rest of the knitting goes as smoothly.

Until next time... Peace,

First Post... Here We Go!

Here it all begins.
My jewelry desings are finally hitting the Web. Slowly but surely the Page "Jewelry By FiddleLee" is being born. It's a difficult, yet interesting process to create a web site. Before actually attempting it I had no real clear idea of how many little things there are that need to get smoothed out. The photos must be matching sizes, files cannot be too large or too small, type styles must work across the Internet, and all those dratted passwords to remember. As if there isn't enough going on! Still, I am excited to see my designs online for any visitors that happen by my site. I won't lie, though. I will be very happy once the initial setup is complete and I am sitting happily with my jewelry crafting supplies spread haphazardly around me. That's were the real joy in all of this is. The creating one-of-a-kind wearable art that I can share.
Anyway, thus ends my first blog. I must go back to uploading web pages and attempt to untangle the mess I make in the process. :)