Sunday, October 21, 2007

Handmade Holidays

Anyone that has read past posts of mine knows that my family places much value on the arts. We are also great supporters of "the little guy," all those great independent artists and shops out there that struggle to keep up with the large corporations. Combining these two sentiments (urged on especially by my dad's photography business closing shop this December....) I have happily decided that this holiday season is going to be a completely handmade one. Yay!

All the gifts I give this year will either have been made by me (lots of knit stuff using yarn dyed by Etsy artists) or by other indie artists on Etsy. I've already done a good deal of my shopping and have to say that I have been THRILLED by everything I've received. The quality and level of professionalism has gone above and beyond. I'm so happy with all my Etsy transactions and can't wait to get some cool stuff for myself (after Christmas shopping is over, of course.....).

I highly encourage everyone to do at least part of their holiday shopping with indie artists whether they be on Etsy or some other site. Remember the thought, love, and enthusiasm these people put into their work. You can't buy that kind of work mass produced.