Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Loopy Scarflette Pattern

About the pattern: I seem to have a thing lately for simple, fast, but elegant knits. Probably due to Christmas looming around the corner.... Anyway, this scarflette features the same stitch pattern I used in Dulce (it's addicting) and can be done with a fairly small amount of yarn. For the scarflette shown in the photos here I used what was left of a ball of Patons SWS that I had already done a pair of fingerless gloves in and some scraps of Lion Brand Wool-Ease.

YARN: Two colors of any worsted weight yarn will do. With about 50 yards of the main color you should be pretty safe. I used Patons SWS (1 ball) and Lion Brand Wool-Ease (1) for the scarflette shown.

BUTTONS: two 3/4" diameter buttons

NEEDLES & HOOKS: US size 9 straight. Size I crochet hook, or size needed to match your knitting gauge.

GAUGE: Huh? What's that? Seriously, it's not too crucial for this design. However, once you cast on and work up a few rows your width (for the main portion/stitch pattern) should be about 4" (this does not include the garter stitch button stripe).

Button band:
(note: slip the first st of every row as if to purl)
CO 7 stitches
Work 6 rows in garter st
Button hole (2 rows): work to center stitch, BO 1 st, k across
k to bound off st, CO 1, k across
Work 13 rows garter st
Repeat button hole rows
Work 6 rows garter
BO sts but DO NOT finish off last loop.
Keeping this loop on needle turn your work and pick up 15 more sts through the slipped sts along the long edge (16 sts on needle)
p 1 row

Main portion:
Row 1: sl 1, k1, [sl 1, k1, yo, psso both] across to last 2 sts, k2
Row 2: sl 1, p across

Repeat these two rows until piece measure desired length (mine measures almost 17" at this point)

BO all stitches
Edging (crochet):
Using crochet hook attach contrasting yarn to a corner of button band ready to work across width edge.
(1) Sl st across width
(2) Sl st across top of button band, single crochet across length
(3) sl st across width
(4) single crochet to button band, sl st across bottom of button band
Reapeat 1, 2, & 3
The Loops: Once you get back to the bottom length you're ready to start the crochet loops.
sc, ch 15, sl st in sc
sc in next st, ch 10, sl st in same single crochet
Repeat both lines across entire bottom edge. Sl st to finish off.
Weave in ends

Sew on buttons in appropriate places


Abbreviations CO = cast on BO = bind off st = stitch sts = stitches k = knit p = purl
yo = yarn over
sl = slip stitch
psso = pass slipped stitch over
ch = crochet chain stitch
sc = single crochet