Thursday, May 22, 2008

Monet's Garden

New free pattern up as a Ravelry download!
It's nothing really extravagant, just a simple little cowl using awesome yarn. (Artyarns supermerino in "Monet's Garden." Part of the impressionist collection exclusive to the Yarn Market.) If anyone decides to knit it up let me know how it goes and if I made any stupid mistakes in the instructions. Hopefully it's all correct, but I am only human, of course. Anyway, here's a photo:

I'm still working on the other design that I have hinted at in past posts. It's going to be sooooo anticlimactic once I post photos. :) Really. The reason it's such a big deal for me is that it's something where 1) gauge really will matter, and 2) I have to make different sizes. From that you should be able to guess that it's a garment. A very simple garment, but a garment nonetheless. And with that..... I'm off to knit on said mystery project!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mysterious Bumps

I grew a bump! No, that's not really good news. My left middle finger decided, for some unknown reason, to grow a little bumpy lumpy right at the base (palm side). Lovely eh? I guess it's a cyst, but what kind I'm not sure. Annalee had a few on her hand (she's the queen of growing lumps.... head, ears, hands, etc.) and the doc said if it didn't bother her she should just leave it. Obviously the other option would be that if it did hurt she could have it cut out. She says the bumps didn't hurt or get in the way at all, so she chose to leave them be and eventually they went away (and then she promptly grew more). My bump, however, isn't as well behaved as Annalee's. It hurts to knock it or put any pressure on it and if my hand stretches I can feel something pop over the bump. Not sure what that's about. Nerve? Muscle? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it just disappears on it's own because I, the poor starving artist that I am, don't have health insurance. Ah well.... If I did need to have the procedure to cut it out I wonder how long it would be before I could use the hand to fiddle and knit..... Days or weeks? I have no clue. If it's days then fine. If it was weeks than I have a 2 week break from gigs in August, but before that I'd be out of luck.

Sticks and String
I just posted my Whimsical Garden capelet to my Ravelry projects last night. It's meant for sale in my Etsy shop and will be arriving there as soon as I figure out what kind of price to tag it with. I'm so bad with that. I never know how to price what I make. Sometimes I browse through Etsy looking for other knitters and crocheters just to get some idea on their prices. This doesn't really work, though. There are a lot of people out there that are barely selling their goods above what it must have cost them for supplies and then there are others that price their stuff so high I can't imagine what they must have been thinking. I tend to be somewhere in the middle. At least I think so. It's probably better to be on the higher end because then you show that you value your time and skills and I think that does attract people. Of course, there is a limit. Sky high prices.... well, come on!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Saving Leopards with Yarn!

The first test knit of my little pattern I'm designing is complete! There are a few things I'm going to change, but overall it worked out pretty good. I was aiming for a size small using my own measurements as a guide and hit it dead on. At least that's my opinion. :) I'll be selling the finished garment in my Etsy shop, The Knitted Fiddle Boutique, and the pattern on Ravelry and my other Etsy shop, Fiddle Knits. I have a way to go before the pattern is ready to go out, though. I plan on test knitting all the sizes myself to make sure everything is written out right. Before anyone decides to be too proud of me (haha) for designing and writing a pattern I must say that it's not a very complicated garment that I was aiming for. There's a long road ahead of me before I create anything I'd dub "fantastic."

I placed my first order the other day from The Yarn Market. Super fast service! Couple the fast shipping with their pretty large selection of yarns and accessories and the fact they they accept PayPal..... I'll be shopping there pretty frequently. :)

One yarn I got from the Yarn Market was handspun camel from Snow Leopard Trust. This is what Yarn Market writes about it:
"In support of the elusive snow leopard that is in danger of disappearing forever, the International Snow Leopard Trust has formed an organization dedicated to this majestic creature's survival. Staff members train herding families from the same mountainous regions of Mongolia to harvest camel hair and hand spin & hand dye it into 100% camel yarn. As a part of the partnership, these herders protect the snow leopards & their environment so that these wonderful animals are now worth much more to a village than a few pelts. Purchasing this "Handspun Camel" yarn from the Snow Leopard Trust will help both the leopards & the families in the area."
Me being the animal lover that I aim couldn't pass up this yarn and I'm glad that I didn't. The skein is pretty generous for the price and I love knowing that the purchase is helping out, even if it's in a very small way. Now I have to think of something extra special to make with the camel yarn. I just want to get more and more and hoard it! ;) Now that right there is the knitter in me. lol

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So What's Up?

I all but fell off the face of the blogging earth, or universe, or however you'd like to phrase it. It's the same old story. I've been busy. As we all mostly are. Anyway, I don't think I'm going to bother catching up with all the little details. I'll be here all day and none of us have that long to spare. So here goes......

The Pointy Sticks
I'm trying my hands at designing a garment. Ha. I probably shouldn't admit to that because then when I run into defeat it would be quiet. However, now I'll be running headlong into a brick wall of designing failure with trumpets blaring. (Everyone cross your fingers and hope that actually doesn't happen. Thanks.) I'm not going to give away too many details, but I will say that it's a summer top knit in the round. Currently I'm all of 3 or 4 inches into knitting the size small. I plan to have it sized for XS, S, M, & L. We'll see. Only time will really tell. Right?

The super secret project I'm making for my mom's birthday still isn't done. That's ok, though. Her birthday isn't until June 7. I gave myself plenty of time. Hopefully. I'm pretty certain that mom doesn't read my blog, so I should be able to talk freely...... I'm knitting her the Mystic Light shawl by Anna Dalvi. Of course, I didn't complete it during the time alloted in the kal. There was some hope that I would, but I didn't push very hard for it. The first 2 clues were easy to stay caught up to. After that I lost it. Currently I'm halfway through chart 4 (of 5 charts). I know this pattern would be a breeze for some knitters, but as my first full size lace project I have to give it my total concentration. This means no working on it at night when I'm sleepy. And the fact that it's for my mom and we're all in one little house kinda limits my available time to knit on it as well. I definitely can't block it until after I gift it. There's no way I could find an area big enough that she wouldn't stumble across.

That's gotta be all for today. This morning I have to get out the door and run early so I can get to teaching the little rugrats. Yay! ;)