Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home Again

Back home! Not that I ever posted I was going away...... but I did. The family band went on tour around Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia for about 2 weeks. We had a show pretty much every day we were out except for day 1, which was exclusively driving, and one day midway through. Unfortunately I spent our one real day off completely sick from heat exhaustion. I've got a problem with that. Every summer I seem to get hit by it at least once. This time I was going between really hot and longing for a cold shower, to shivering and curled up under a blanket. My temperature was taken at 102. Ugh. I still sucked it up and went out to dinner with everyone at a Colonial Williamsburg tavern, though. Wouldn't dream of staying home and missing the action!

Overall our trip went very well, however, it was also very eventful. Nothing too horrible happened..... but there was certainly not much downtime.
The first day out was just driving. We went to mom's Uncle's house in Maryland to crash for the night. The next day we had a show in Goochland VA. I believe it was supposed to be a 2.5 hour drive, or something close to that. It ended up taking more on the lines of 5. We got stuck in traffic on the beltway and went 50 miles in 3 hours. Poor mom (who was driving) was freaking out that we were going to miss our show. In the end we pulled up to the White Hawk Music Cafe at 6:40pm, 20 minutes before the show was scheduled to start. We managed to unload, change into performance clothes, setup the sound system, and be ready to go only 5 minutes late. As soon as we were done we were asked to come back in October, so apparently we did alright anyway. And that was the note on which we started our tour.

There were many other adventures on the trip including getting the back end of the van smashed in so we have to bang on the door to release the lock (getting fixed today).... playing in smokey Pennsylvania bars.... and then there is what we came home to....

Our last gig was in Chestertown VA from 9pm to midnight on Saturday (7/26/08). Instead of getting a hotel my parents opted for driving home through the night. We estimated to get home around 6am Sunday morning. Dad took first shift driving. Not even 10 minutes into the drive we get pulled over by a sheriff. He comes over to the passenger side door and says that we were going 60 in a 55 zone, so he was giving us a warning. He did the usual license and registration and was gone back in his car for what seemed like an eternity. My dad was floored. He couldn't believe that we had gotten stopped for 5miles an hour over the speed limit and kept wondering what was taking the sheriff so long. When he came back to the car he asked if we were headed home from vacation (as he noticed all our junk pulled up in the van). My dad said no, that we had been on tour and had just finished playing at Andy's, but yes, we were headed home. The sheriff said he used to have to drive to somewhere in NY when he was doing military training and talked a little about how long a drive it was. Once we started on our way everything was uneventful, until mom was driving on the LIE in Queens.....

I was asleep in the backseat when mom let out a scream. 2 little silver cars were tailgating each other and going around 90mh zipping through traffic. They had just cut through in front of mom. This was a little before 5am. Only a few miles later we came to a dead stop. These same two cars had caused a major multicar accident that blocked the entire expressway. I don't know how long we sat there at a dead stop. People shut their cars and began walking around to see what was going on. Some girl got on top of her car and started dancing (I thought she was going to do a strip tease from the looks of it). One car opened its doors and pumped out music. Eventually we were all allowed to pass. It was a complete disaster. Cars smashed, glass everywhere, a van that had obviously just been on fire..... I'd say at least one person died there that night. My dad said the sheriff that stopped us earlier had been an angel, because if we had been a few minutes sooner we would have been in the accident.

There's lots more exciting stuff we came home to, but I'll catch up on that tomorrow, or within the next few days. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Finished writing up my new sock pattern. Actually it's my first sock pattern. As long as I didn't do a horrible job botching this attempt up I think I can see more sock designs in my future..... Perhaps. At any rate, the pattern has been sent off to one test knitter so far. I'm excited to see how it comes out for her. Excited and a little nervous that I might have made some stupid huge mistakes, but..... won't know until I put it out there..... Whew.

So that's done (pretty much) just in time for me to be hitting the road for the family band's annual "tour." This year the trip is only 10 days, so it's considerably shorter than the last two years. We don't, however, have any days off really. Last year we had several days off in a row and that when I decided to dye my hair pink and get another tattoo. I think mom must have kept us intentionally busy this year. Heh ;) I do have another tattoo planned, though. Dad and I are both going to get another tat sometime this summer. Thinking possibly when we get home from this tour and before the wedding early August. That would make it kinda a birthday present for me. It would also mean I got 1 tat a year for the past three years..... Oh well...... :o)

Sunday, July 6, 2008


"In the absence of willpower the most complete collection of virtues and talents is wholly worthless." —Aleister Crowley

I will.....
work on willpower
stay on track
get things done!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Like wow....... It's the 4th of July? We got here awfully quick, eh? The 7th month of the year. That means we're over the halfway point through the year. And you know what else? Christmas knitting is going to be right around the corner. Yup. Before you know it we knitters will once again be facing that familiar deadline. But that's too much to be thinking about right now.

As a kid a remember enjoying the summer.It was my favorite season. When did it get so uncomfortably hot? I grew up as a beach bum, however, that also changed. My parents have lived in this same house for close to 30 years now. Back in the day it was a beach house. The whole area was occupied almost exclusively by summer folk. The town boasts a two mile long private beach that residents living within a mile of the entrance have rights to buy passes to. My parents were never much for hanging out on the hot sand, so my sister and I would go down to the beach with our neighbors who visited from Canada two months every summer. We would head down around 10 or 11 AM every day and come home around 6 or 7 PM. True beach bums. It has only been within the last few years that this habit has pretty much completely stopped. Summer got busier with gigs, I'm teaching, and there was dates to go on and people to see. Now I avoid being directly in the sun for lengths of time because of all the things I've read on skin cancers. ::shiver:: No thanks.

By sometime next week there should be another pattern listed from FiddleLee Designs! I'll say this much..... It's a sock and it will be called Feng-Huang. That's all you're gettin' from me right now ;)