Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shiver Hat & Scarf (pattern)

Shiver Hat
$1.99 USD
Listing is for the pattern pdf download only

Download directly from Fiddle Knits
or find the yarn and pattern on KnitPicks.com

The Shiver hat and scarf set was designed as part of Knit Picks Independent Designer Program. The program was launched on December 1, 2009. You can find all Fiddle Knits patterns from this program on the Knit Picks designer profile page.


The Shiver Hat is a classic beanie style cap knit from DK weight yarn. It features a snowflake motif around the bottom circumference. Depending on the color scheme you choose, this hat could easily work for both the guys and gals in your life.

Shiver Scarf

$1.99 USD
Listing is for the pattern pdf download only

Download directly from Fiddle Knits
or find the yarn and pattern on KnitPicks.com

The Shiver scarf coordinates perfectly with the Shiver hat for a super cute, quick, and classic winter set. The fair isle motif used on both items is straightforward and friendly for knitters taking their first plunge into colorwork.

Main portion of scarf is worked with yarn held double. Pockets are worked single stranded

Monday, December 28, 2009

So long 2009, you've been good to me!

"Dear Santa" — My Santa letter for December 25, 2009
So what if I'm 25? I can still write a letter to the old man in the red suit if I want to! :-)

Well, here we are, almost at the end of 2009. It crept up on me this year while I had my back turned.... Actually, that's not true. I've been watching the end of the year steadily approach he whole time. As usual I can't believe how fast we went through a year's worth of months, weeks, days, hours, minutes.... but it always happens. A lot happened this year (and again, that's fairly typical). The very beginning was a little rough, but it quickly smoothed out and took a turn for the much better. I made some serious headway with pattern design. I think I understand the process better. Generally it seems to flow a little easier anyway.

Last February I started talking to Chris... I can't believe that was almost a year ago... Connecting with him was really the highlight of my year. All the knitting stuff... well, that's all good, but it doesn't mean anything to me to be successful with my "work" if I'm not happy with my personal life. As I wrote a couple blogs back, happiness cultivates inspiration.

For 2010... I've got big dreams... but I'll save sharing that for another time :-)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Petticoat Loose (pattern)

Download this pattern for $1.99 from KnitPicks.com!
Yarn cost as little as $13.95!

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This tank top was designed as part of the Knit Picks Independent Design Program.

This little number can be dressed up or down depending on your mood since it goes equally well with skirts as it does with shorts or pants. Worked in Comfy, a cotton acrylic blend, Petticoat Loose is wonderfully soft and the fabric drapes nicely along the body’s curves.

This design is worked in the round from the top lace border down to the ribbing at the waist. To ensure that the waistband isn’t too tight the pattern provides instructions on how to work a sewn bind off.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lyre Scarf (Pattern)

$3.00 USD
Listing is for the pattern pdf download only
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In Western culture the lyre is the symbol of a musician. It is a stringed instrument that was popular in the classical era. In ancient Greece it was the instrument of choice of the God Apollo.

The Lyre scarf can easily be worked up in a weekend for a classy last minute knitted gift…. for yourself, or a lucky knit-gift list recipient. The button closure makes this piece part scarf, part cowl. Wear the ends draped down the front and back (as shown in the photos), or fully wrapped around.

•Easy lace work
•Garter stitch
•Wrap & Turn (explained in pattern)

Pattern Details
Knit Picks Merino Style dk [100% merino wool; 123 yards / 112 meters; 50 grams / 1.76 ounces]

2 skeins "basset"
1 skein "vanilla"

US 9(5.5mm)
Us 10(6mm)
US 5(3.75mm) - for i-cord

US 9(5.5mm): 16 sts & 32 rows = 4” in garter stitch.

US 10(6mm): 14 sts & 24 rows = 4” in stockinette stitch.

•Finished Size
Approx. 49” length x 8” at widest point.

1 button, (approximately 1” diameter.)
Button shown is from The Hickory Tree

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happiness Cultivates Inspiration

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."

Things are looking good around here.... It's the Holiday season, which is probably my favorite time of the year (if you're not considering the weather and all the germs). I love all the planning and gift buying and cooking and decorations and then the actual day of giving and feasting with the family.... That in and of itself would make it a good time. But, on top of all the Holiday cheer, things are looking good with knitting/designing.... The Knit Picks Independent Designer Program is [softly] launched, pattern inspiration is flowing freely– in fact the ideas are coming faster than my hands can knit! I'm thinking that isn't really something to complain about. The more ideas, the merrier. Better than writer's block for sure.

I've got big plans for 2010... There should be a few pattern collections coming out, which will be something a little new for me since I tend to publish individual patterns. (All my designs that I will be offering in collection/ebook form will also be available as single pattern downloads if you don't want to commit to a whole collection.) Right now my plan is to have 5 or 6 patterns included in each collection. Collections will have common themes running through them. In some cases it will be a similar piece; for example all hats, all gloves, etc. In other instances it might be small, low yardage knits, or perhaps a specific knitting technique will draw everything together. If all goes well... {fingers crossed} ...the first set of patterns that will be arriving in ebook form is a series of small accessories that are perfect as gift knits. The first pattern from this collection was just recently released on Ravelry and my Web site. I present to you.... The Lyre Scarf...
Next up in line is a pair of fingerless mitts. Each of these projects takes 3 skeins of yarn and can be knit in a good solid weekend. All designs in the collection are named after Renaissance instruments... Just for fun.

Another Fiddle Knits pattern will be appearing in Yarn Forward Issue #22. I'm not going to give any hints, until it comes out in February it's Shhh.... all the way. OK, I'll give a little hint... It's an accessory and it's a bulky knit. There. Now I can say no more. Stay tuned here for the announcement of it's arrival on newsstands.

So all this good stuff is happening in the design arena. Personal life ain't so shabby either. Actually, I'm pretty sure that everything is going as well as it is with knitting because the rest of my life is absolutely amazing. I suppose it could in fct be working the other way 'round... but I'd rather go with my first assumption. Right now, at this very moment, I'd like to say that I'm extremely thankful for one person in particular. That one person is my boyfriend Chris. A lot of my inspiration these days comes from him whether directly or indirectly. He makes me happier than anyone else I've ever known in my life, and as the blog title says, happiness cultivates inspiration... inspiration and the drive to keep pushing forward. Life feels good. :-)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Grey Eagle Socks

$1.99 USD
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Listing is for the pattern pdf download only

The Grey Eagle Socks were designed as part of the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program. You can purchase the sock pattern here, or if you're looking for the suggested yarn along with the pattern download, visit the Fiddle Knits Designer Page on Knit Picks and follow the link for the appropriate pattern.

These little socks are a quick and fun knit. Cast on a pair for yourself and anyone on your knit-gift list. They make perfect last minute knits. Make a pair in a weekend!

Pattern Details
•Suggested Yarn
Knit Picks Stroll Sport.

•Yarn Weight
Sport Weight / 5 ply (12wpi)

US 3 / 3.25mm

28 sts & 36 rnds = 4" in STst

•Sizes Available
8(9)" foot circumference

Pattern Errata
None available
Find a mistake? Contact Erica at:


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's here!

The Knit Picks Independent Designer Program is live!

As of December 1, 2009 the Knit Picks program combining KP yarns and Indie designers launched on the Knit Picks web site. It's a wonderful opportunity for all involved. As a new designer I'm very grateful to have been a part of this program from its beginning. Working with Knit Picks has been a rewarding experience and I'm looking forward to remaining part of the program and continuing to work with the KP team down the road. Seriously. The whole staff over there is amazing and I only have good things to say about them.

Over the next few days I'll be posting all the patterns that I contributed as part of the program one at a time with the full details. For now here's a little preview.....

Shiver Scarf
$1.99 @ Knit Picks
Shiver Scarf

Shiver Hat
$1.99 @ Knit Picks
Shiver Hat

Shake the Barley Hat
$1.99 @ Knit Picks

Shake the Barley Fingerless Gloves
$1.99 @ Knit Picks

Grey Eagle Socks
1.99 @ Knit Picks
Grey Eagle Socks