Monday, May 31, 2010

I Forget When I Am

I mentioned this in my last podcast episode (#8), but sometimes I forget when I am! Common problem for anyone else? In the old days when I was just knitting for myself and family I would knit things during the season they were relevant to. Sometimes if I was really on the ball I'd knit for Winter during the Fall and for Spring during the Winter, but let's face it, those organized times were rare and more like a fantasy than a thing of reality. So basically if I was knitting in the Summer it would be then that I was whipping up a little cotton tank with the hope that my fingers worked faster than the season changed. Living in the moment. I knew when I was (if not always *where* I was, that's another thing altogether). Now that I'm designing I have to look further into the future. Yes, the weather is getting warmer, it's Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial official kick off to Summer. No, I'm not knitting for Summer, at least not this Summer. With the exception of 2 current designs that will be released within early June, most of my current designs in progress are for Fall 2010 all the way through Spring 2011. Submissions themes are arriving in my inbox with guidelines and inspiration boards for January to August 2011. It's gotten to the point where I sometimes can't recall whether we're going into the Summer of 2011 now. No... it's still 2010. Yikes! My Mom always did tell me to slow down because time would seem to speed up as I got older, but sheesh! Now I'm pushing it faster than the fast pace it's actually going. Deep breath. It's May. 2010. Must remember... The mental notebook is getting exceedingly cluttered.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

In Your Dreams, Kid

Wouldn't it be fun to have a knit cafe to go hang out in? Instead of gathering at the local Starbucks or book store wouldn't it be nice to instead meet up at a cozy yarn shop that also had a little cafe? and even hosted concerts on weekends and/or evenings? Imagine... shelves and baskets of gorgeous yarns... a swift and ball winder set up in the corner... a large table to gather at for classes... comfortable chairs and a sofa or two for hanging out and knitting alone or with a group (non class time)... a coffee bar serving beverages and yummy organic snacks... all of this with either a small side room, or the ability to slightly rearrange the furniture in the evenings/weekends so that concerts could be hosted. The concerts would be "knitter friendly," meaning that enough lights would be left on so that any knitters in the audience could still work on their projects. It sounds like a dream come true for me. *If* something like this little knit cafe could work I would completely want to open one up here on Long Island. I know I'd go hang out there. We having nothing like this around where I live. In traveling with the band I get to see and play at many small cafes (although none that are also a yarn shop) and I find that I'm always wishing there was something like this accessible to me at home. Heck, I'd go hang out at a concert if I knew I'd be able to knit.

I've thought this would be a fun idea for a while now, although dangerous as far as money goes due to our lovely economy. My sister is the one that sparked the daydream again this morning, though. She stated that one of the things she'd like to due "when she grows up" is put on concerts and festivals. Even if it never were to happen, it really is comforting to think about sitting in my little knit cafe surrounded by yarn, knitters, good food and drink, and music. The coming together of all aspects of my life in a way. Ahh... dream on, kiddo, dream on....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Little Purls

I hear a lot of knitters going on about how they don't enjoy purling. Why not? I've never quite understood the reasoning behind the lack of purl love. Even from my earliest days of knitting I found that purls weren't that bad. I actually purl faster than I knit. Go figure. I did also notice one day that my purls were a little looser than my knits, however, that was immediately fixed by pulling a tad harder on the yarn during purl rows. Easy fix once noted. So, why are purls so bad? The Polyphonic hat I recently finished for the Musical Minds Collection features mostly purls on the right side of the work (and it's knit in the round, so this means you're doing a whole lot of purling). Is that a turn off? I liked the way it looked with the purl side showing and the man (whose opinion I'm taking in high regard for this project) also preferred the purl over the knit side because of the way the zig zags "sunk" into the hat. I'm not going to shy away from designing something that I like the look of due to knowing purls are less loved, but I'm curious, what do you think of purling? and why? Sometimes I feel like people will just jump on the popular bandwagon and if one person likes to complain about x-thing than hordes of people feel camaraderie if they also commiserate about x-thing. Just a thought.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yes, I'm Still Alive

I sent a pattern out to a test knitter yesterday, the first I've mailed out in what feels likes ages. She replied to my email saying she knew I was still alive because she's seen me posting on Twitter. Umm... oops. I guess I disappeared there for a bit. There was a several month time span where I was sending out a pattern to be test knit every other week. I was starting to feel bad for my lovely group of test knitters as I followed one pattern so closely with the next. And then it dropped off, or rather I dropped off. But I didn't really. ;o)

It's been crazy busy over here on my end. Luckily that crazy busy is of the good kind and I have not really slacked off on designing, actually quite the opposite. The reason I've been so seemingly dead is because there are dozens of patterns being designed, knit, submitted, and whatnot in the Fiddle Knits Designs studio (aka my bedroom, which is, for now, as close as I have to a real work space). Much of what I currently have going is of the "Shhh... secret" nature. One project on the needles is, however, going to be self published, so.... the next FKD newsletter will have a few sneak peek photos. Hopefully the Fall will have several new designs being published... as long as all goes well. If I do expect to get anywhere with it all I should probably get back to knitting. The entire morning was shot by cleaning my bedroom closet. Silly meaningless task.... ;o)

Monday, May 10, 2010


It's been pretty crazy around these parts recently. Sample knit deadlines and submission deadlines and my own deadlines. I was feeling highly overwhelmed with it all. I'm still a bit overwhelmed, but I do have it under control (for now) for the most part. A big thing I've been thinking about is doing book submissions. As in submitting designs for book collections that are being put together. Wouldn't that be fun? Right now it's still a dream... A dream that I would like to become a reality within the next year, so I'm pushing myself to get out there and look for calls for submissions. It's fun and stressful, but mostly it's fun. I've always done pretty well under deadlines, so that part is ok. The part that is hardest for me is the waiting game. I'm not the most patient person in the world. ;o)

Because I am doing so much submitting and working on things that are to be published in the future I find that I don't have much knitting that I can share with you right now! Every single project on my needles at this time is a secret... for the most part. I can say I've got a garment design going. That one is slightly more than half way finished. (Thankfully yay! It feels like it's been dragging on since the beginning of time!) The other active thing on the needles is a hat from the upcoming Musical Minds Collection. I sent out a sneak peek of that yesterday in my email newsletter. (You can sign up for my newsletter by visiting my website– –and filling out the contact form at the bottom of the home page.) I decided that it would be fun to send out little sneak peek teasers in my newsletters for things that I'm self publishing. Obviously if I'm working on a design that will be published elsewhere than it stays hush hush until the release date.

Now, I think I should probably get back to work on that never ending garment...
Don't forget to check out the podcast! :o)