Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Well Decorated: Bathroom

In one of my last blog posts I mentioned being inspired by my impending move to design a collection of knits for the home. I'm now happy to announce it's a definite go. Today I'll be going more in depth with the concept and begin the process from idea to reality. Basically this means I'll be doing some math to determine how much yarn I need for each project and what colors or theme I wan to go with. To make it a little less overwhelming I've decided to tackle this collection in sections, moving room to room throughout the house. The first stop on my list is the bathroom.

Home Is Where The Yarn Is: The Bathroom
In this section you'll find a throw rug, bath puff, decorative handtowels, soap scrubber/holder, and a bathrobe. Ok, so the bathrobe isn't really a home accessory, but I couldn't resist the idea. While browsing for yarns to use in this section I stopped on Crayon from Knit Picks and something about it started crying out "cuddly bathrobe!" I'm completely giving in to the yarn. I'm just not strong enough to say no.

Green With Envy
In Other News
The Shades of Green collection has begun to show itself. The second pattern, Garden Grove Slouch Hat, was released last Saturday. Next on the list is the Green With Envy Hat. Perhaps you'd like a sneak peek? Yes? I thought so. You can see Green With Envy in the photo at right. This one is knit using Knit Picks Simply Cotton Sport in Envy Heather.... and size 1/2.25mm and 2/2.75mm needles. I promise the work is worth it! The labyrinth pattern will keep you interested. I got so involved while knitting the pattern that I didn't notice the small size of the needles, and I was working up the larger size hat.

I will probably begin releasing the remaining Shades of Green patterns on Fridays instead of Saturdays. I like to have everything set up for the design release the day before si that in the morning all I need to do is basically click enter and you can access it. It's easier for me to get all this done on Thursday rather than Friday (which is Chris's day off) and I figure nobody can complain about a pattern being released a day earlier than expected!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Garden Grove Slouch Hat

Garden Grove Slouch Hat
The Garden Grove Slouch Hat pattern is here!
Garden Grove is the second pattern from the Shades of Green Knitting Collection

I designed this casual slouch hat to match the Certain Shade of Green Shawl. If you decide to knit up the shawl and use the same yarn as me (Briar Rose Fibers, Fourth of July) you'll have enough of your second color left to make the hat. Intentional on my part? Not even close, but I do love that it worked out that way.

Instructions for Garden Grove are completely written out. The crown of the hat is worked with a leaf lace type pattern, which charts are provided for (along with the written instruction).

Order the PDF pattern download

See Garden Grove projects on Ravelry

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Handcrafted for Home

This whole moving thing has gotten me thinking about what I can make myself and what really needs to be bought. Unfortunately I can't make some of the things we really need (like a washer and dryer). However, items for the kitchen and bathroom are doable. This train of thought combined with some Dishie yarn from Knit Picks got me contemplating a new combo knit and crochet collection of home items. Now that Shades of Green is complete (patterns are done, just waiting for their release dates) I have some time on my hands. (Really? Time? ) A crafts for the home collection is something I could get done pretty fast, possibly even before the end of the Summer. Mostly this would be necessity because the move happens August 1 and the finished samples will need to be put into use at that point. Sometimes it's handy to have a deadline! 

So what do you think? Handcrafted for Home? Home is Where the Yarn is? (I'm kinda fond of that one myself) For the pattern selection I'm thinking bath puffs, sponges, potholders, a bath rug, placemats, a pillow, and other such homey things. I will most likely do the entire collection using Knit Picks yarn. This adds in the affordability element to home decorating. Do it yourself with nice yarn at a great price. Can't really beat that.

Feedback is welcome! What would you like to see in a knit/crochet collection for the home? 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Buy One, Get One: June 9-12 Only

Fiddle Knits Designs is having a Buy One, Get One Free sale on all *single pattern downloads.

Those of you that have been following along with Fiddle Knits Designs on Twitter, Ravelry, and Facebook are probably already well aware of the apartment search I've been on with my boyfriend (and hat model), Chris. It's been a long frustrating road to find the best place for us to go, but we finally found somewhere and applied. Yesterday we got the good news that we were approved! I'm thrilled. So what better way to celebrate than with a sale?

Shop the sale via my website or Ravelry pattern shop.

*The Fine Print: Buy one, get one free sale does not include eBook pattern collections. 
Offer is valid on single pattern PDF purchases only.
Sale ends midnight Eastern US time on Sunday, June 12, 2011

Personal Side Notes
Didn't Fiddle Knits just have a moving sale? What's that about? 
Yes, back when Chris and I started seriously looking for a place and putting [lots] of effort in to finding something I ran a moving sale. I'd like to give a huge thank you to everyone that took part in that. Since this is mine and Chris's first ever apartment we need to buy everything. A couch, table, towels, vacuum. . . You name it, we need to get it. Thanks to the last sale we now have some essentials like utensils, dishes, pans, and glasses. It was a big help and much appreciated. 
Our move in day is August 1 (my birthday!). Sometime around that point we'll be going shopping for the big stuff (furniture). I've signed up for my local freecycle and have been keeping an eye out for some of the more expensive stuff we need. I think we'll end up having to buy a couch though. Since Chris and I are such completely different body types it's going to take something pretty specific for us both to be comfortable, and fit sitting next to each other. All in all it's a fun adventure that I'm looking forward to. Despite being broke! Ha! 
Now, back to knitting I go. Enjoy the sale! Celebrate something!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet Dorian

Chris modeling the Dorian Slouch Hat
Dorian is a slouchy style unisex hat. It was intended to be billed as a Summer hat, but I can't quite get my head around "Summer" and "hat" being used together. However, if you're into that sort of thing than Dorian might be just what the doctor ordered.

I knit this hat in Rowan Summer Tweed, a 70% silk / 30% cotton aran weight yarn. It was my first time using Summer Tweed and I had mixed feelings about it. I've never hidden the fact that I'm not a huge fan of 100% non-wool yarns. They don't feel right to me and they tend to hurt my hands. In the beginning of knitting Dorian I was put off by the squeaky sounds the yarn made against my wooden needles. Maybe I should call it more of a crunching sound since it didn't squeak in the same sense that acrylic yarn does. It is, however, a very earthy crunchy yarn. It's rugged and was given the thumbs up approval from my man.

Summer Tweed appears heavy, but it feels light. The hat is practically weightless. For the pattern photo I made a size large to fit Chris. I like this size for myself as well. Since the yarn is so light and airy and the circumference is so large I can put the hat on my head and not worry about crushed hat head curls. Win.

The Dorian Slouch Hat pattern is now available for purchase via my website or Ravelry shop.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shades of Green: Ready for Pre-Order!

The time has finally arrived! The Shades of Green Knitting Collection is available now for pre-order. A PDF subscription to the collection may be purchased via my website or Ravelry pattern shop.

This collection consists of 10 patterns knit in sport through bulky weight yarn. There are a couple shawls, a few slouch hats, a beanie, a short sleeve tee, a baby hat, and some small accessories. You can see the full pattern list at the end of this post.
Pre-orders of this collection are done “mystery style.” This means you can see preview photos on my website of the upcoming designs, but there will be no full photos until the date of each individual pattern release. A little mystery adds a whole lot of fun in my opinion! 
The photo shows the Certain Shade of Green Shawl, which was released as a Mystery KAL this Spring. This is the first pattern in the collection and you will receive it upon registration. When your order is placed you'll automatically be sent a welcome info sheet. I will send the shawl pattern to you within 24 hrs. Between this pattern and the next there will be a bit of a gap while I allow the word of the pre-order option to spread. The second Shades of Green design will be released on Saturday, June 18. At this point you will receive weekly pattern emails until the collection is complete. The final week will be a single PDF file containing all of the designs.
Pattern List 
A Certain Shade of Green 
Garden Grove Slouch Hat (6/18) 
Green With Envy Slouch Hat (6/25) 
Travel Mug Cozies (7/2) 
Cutting Ferns Shawl (7/9) 
Leafy Greens and Baby Greens Hats (7/16) 
Cell Phone Sleeve (7/23) 
Peridot Tee (7/30) 
Serpentine Beanie (8/6)

Pre-Order now to save $5.00 off the final collection price.