Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Backstage Shawl

The Backstage shawl is here! If you're on Ravelry you can find it there, favorite it, queue it, share it, cast it on, or whatever your heart desires. If you're not on Ravelry (you really should be) then you can find it available for download from my website.

I had fun knitting this one. It's been in my must-design pile for a few months and I'm really happy I finally had the time to get to it. When I sketched out the design I was originally intending on it being knit in one piece, but I hadn't fully thought out how that would work. I charted out the beginning, increase side and kept going until I'd used up approximately half (50 grams) of the skein. Then I got myself stuck. Increasing in the stitch pattern was just peachy, but decreasing was another story. After a few days of staring at charts and ripping out my knitting (thankfully I was a good girl and actually used life lines) I finally decided that the best thing to do was knit the shawl in two pieces. I know the idea of working a kitchener graft down the center of your shawl might be daunting, but it's really not that bad. The stitch pattern looks more complicated than it is and the join is just a straight kitchener stitch. You don't need to worry about grating in any kind of weird knit purl pattern.

I designed Backstage with the intent of it being a one skein project. However, I know the resulting one skein size (being just under 5 feet in wingspan) is a little short for some people, so I added a larger size in there as well (78" wingspan). The larger size instructions will also be helpful for anyone that has trouble getting their gauge loose enough.

Since this is a sideways shawl it's easy to resize it to fit your needs. Once you get going you'll see the repetition in the pattern (easily seen in the chart). This makes it easy to add or subtract rows depending on how much yarn you have or what your yarn weight is.

This design is part of the Pick Your Poison Collection (lightweight option). There are still 5 patterns missing from the collection, but I decided it was time to make the full thing available anyway. If you purchase the collection now you'll receive the last 5 patterns as they're published. Two pattern will be added in February and the other 3 will be added in March. The two February designs will be yoga socks in aran weight yarn and a cowl in DK weight. In total you'll get 18 knit accessory pattern for $25.00 USD. For the most part the patterns are all one-skein projects. Some, like the Backstage shawl, call for a second skein to complete the larger sizes. All the patterns use hand dyed yarns.

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