Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Win Yarn for the Minerva Mystery KAL!

What?! You already bought yarn?! No problem. You may still enter to win. If you've already purchased yarn for the KAL and you win the contest you will be given the choice of a refund for the price of the 2 purchased skeins, or you may choose to receive another 2 skeins. Whichever you prefer. Contest is open to everyone! (US and international)

The contest is open NOW through Sunday, MARCH 3, 2013. I will select the winner on Monday, March 4, 2013.

For every task you complete your name will be entered into a drawing to win two skeins of Soli yarn for the Minerva mystery KAL. Skeins will be dyed in the colorway of your choice (both skeins the same color).

Invite a friend to the Ravelry group for the Minerva KAL – To do this go to the group page. In the upper right corner there's a button that says invite a friend. Click it and enter your friend's Ravelry name in the box. Then go to the Welcome thread, say hello, and "earburn" the person you invited (otherwise I won't know you completed this task!) To earburn someone write this: [Ravelryname](person). So to earburn me you would write [FiddleKnitsDesign](person) . Example, Hi! My name is ___ I just invited [FiddleKnitsDesign](person) because she really enjoys knitting shawls and I think she'd like this mystery KAL. Ravelry group: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/minerva-mystery-shawl-kal

Tweet It! – Write a tweet about the Minerva KAL. Make sure you mention me so I know you posted! On Twitter I am: @FiddleKnits. For example: "Just joined the Minerva mystery shawl KAL with @FiddleKnits http://www.fiddleknits.com/mystery_kal.html" (Feel free to copy the example and use it as is.)

Instagram It! – Show off a finished object of a Fiddle Knits Design, a project knit in a Fiddle Knits yarn, or just a photo of a Fiddle Knits yarn you own, but haven't knit yet. Post the photo on Instagram. Tag me so I know you posted it! On Instagram I'm @FiddleKnits

Facebook KAL Mention – Post a status update saying you joined the Minerva mystery shawl KAL with Fiddle Knits Designs. Make sure you tag me so I know you posted! Tag Fiddle Knits Designs NOT Erica Jackofsky! Can't make the tag work? Place a link in your status to the Fiddle Knits Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/FiddleKnits

Facebook Showoff – Share a photo of a finished Fiddle Knits Design you've knit, yarn you've knit, or fiber you've spun and post it. Remember to tag me! #Fiddle Knits Designs @FiddleKnits

EXTRA CREDIT! – 2 chances to win
Blog about a Fiddle Knits design or yarn – Write a blog post (or podcast) about a Fiddle Knits design you've already made or a design you'd like to try. Talking about a yarn also counts. Posts that are only a few sentences and run something like: "I really want to try knitting the Backstage shawl because it's pretty. I think I'd use the Polka yarn also" won't count. Tell me why you do (or don't!) like the design you made, what you might change, or why you want to try something.
Make sure to come back to this blog and leave a link to your post so I know you wrote it and can count you!

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Sharon said...

This was fun - I don't have instagram - might have to get daughter-in-law to be to do that for me! and no Blog either! But I got all the rest - just hope I did them correctly - !