Friday, March 1, 2013

Planning KALS: Opinions Please!

Some of you may know about the Minerva KAL and running low on available yarn (Soli fingering weight). I've learned that I can give yarn estimates to the mill and order larger quantities of my base yarns just for me to have ready at certain times that align with the knit-alongs I'm hosting.
So, what I want your opinion on is this: timing. The Minerva KAL covers the month of May. At what point after that would you start considering ordering yarn for another KAL? This is nothing I’m going to hold you to and you don’t need to join another KAL of mine. It’s just so I can get a feel for when I should start reserving yarn for and when to open orders to the public. If you finish one KAL in the end of May would you consider another starting, say, August 1? With yarn orders opening in June? Or would you want more time, like yarn orders opening in August and cast on in October/November?
I actually wouldn’t mind doing 2 more KALS before the end of the year. I was thinking of making the Summer one a free pattern using a skein of my lace weight yarn for a nice breezy Summer knit. And then another using DK weight and working in some cables (paid pattern) would be a Fall cast on.
I’m one of those people that’s never really satisfied unless I’m busy lol So doing 2 KALs is awesome for me, but I don’t want to overload you guys!
Whatcha think? Give me an idea of what you next optimal cast on date would be. (Even if you're not participating in Minerva. Just pretend you are and finished it the last weekend in May.)

And one more thing, On the lace weight: 80/20 SW merino/silk or 80/20 SW merino/Bamboo? Which would find more appealing? 


Taru Suorsa said...

August is fine. There's time to knit other projects and choose what yarn to use. And then stalk the mailman:)

Candy Smith said...

I have never used lace yarn,too scared. Will give it a try.
the merino and bamboo